Mitt Romney— MONSTER!

Did you hear?  Mitt Romney wants to inject you with cancer!  By syringe!  And he eats babies— RAW! NOT COOKED!

“The Shadow Party and the Romney Cancer Ad” at Frontpage


Train Wreck, Cali-Style

George Will writes that California continues to veer left, off the rest of the continent, with “faith-based transportation policy”:

Eager to hook states on higher spending, especially for high-speed rail, the Obama administration wants California to quickly spend $3.3 billion of federal funding (much of it borrowed from China, one source of President Obama’s train envy). Simitian says the $3.3 billion is about 5 percent of the cost “if the project stays on budget.” If. The $3.3 billion and $2.7 billion of state money would finance 130 miles of track in the Central Valley—a non-high speed section — a train from, and to, nowhere.


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Binary Obama

Truth is malleable, for the postmoderns, as the great VDH notes at todays NRO:

No American has any idea whether recess appointments, executive privilege, executive orders, or filibusters are to be considered good, bad, or indifferent, since Senator/President Obama has damned and embraced them all. I vaguely remember that at one time Guantanamo, renditions, tribunals, and preventive detention were either of no value or unconstitutional, and trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court and prosecuting CIA agents for supposedly too harsh interrogations were good. But that was all more than three years in the past, and hundreds of “Make no mistake about it”s and “Let me be perfectly clear”s  ago.

Making Rich Democrats “Pay Their Fair Share”

At the Washington Examiner Glenn Reynolds exposes the Democrats’ ratty hypocrisy on taxes, with manifold breaks and privileges for entertainment industries, movie stars and studios, and liberal foundations. He supplies corrective Republican strategies that would surely be popular with voters.

It’s no coincidence that much of the Democrats’ base doesn’t have to worry about taxes much, either because they work for nonprofits and public entities that don’t pay taxes, or because they live off government benefits, or because they work in industries — like the motion picture and recording industries — with a long history of shady accounting and favorable tax treatment. Republicans, if they’re smart, can nonetheless teach them that tax increases do, in fact, hurt.