Mitt Romney— MONSTER!

Did you hear?  Mitt Romney wants to inject you with cancer!  By syringe!  And he eats babies— RAW! NOT COOKED!

“The Shadow Party and the Romney Cancer Ad” at Frontpage


Binary Obama

Truth is malleable, for the postmoderns, as the great VDH notes at todays NRO:

No American has any idea whether recess appointments, executive privilege, executive orders, or filibusters are to be considered good, bad, or indifferent, since Senator/President Obama has damned and embraced them all. I vaguely remember that at one time Guantanamo, renditions, tribunals, and preventive detention were either of no value or unconstitutional, and trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court and prosecuting CIA agents for supposedly too harsh interrogations were good. But that was all more than three years in the past, and hundreds of “Make no mistake about it”s and “Let me be perfectly clear”s  ago.

President Obama’s Election Year U-turn on Israel

At the NY Post Arthur Herman exposes the desperado opportunism of the President:

A year ago, the Obama administration  prompted Ed Koch to cross party lines to endorse a Republican in a special House election in protest of President Obama’s Israel policies.

Obama stormed out of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and called for Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians on the basis of its cramped 1948 borders. Then came public warnings to Israel not to take any military action against a nuclear-arming Iran.

And microphones at the Cannes G-20 summit caught then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy telling Obama that Netanyahu was a liar and our president agreeing, saying, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to work with him every day.”

Recently, however, Obama has been acting as if he and Netanyahu lived on the same kibbutz.

Just as Mitt Romney was leaving for his visit to Jerusalem, Obama announced $70 million in aid to Israel for its anti-missile Iron Dome missile system — an outlay that Obama had not included in his original 2013 budget.

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