The EMP Threat Is Real, and Growing

Horrifying… how can humanity survive this, our infant age— when we seem so mired in ignorance, hate and piggish lusts? (See my previous post.) Then throw in a Carrington Event geostorm, slated for the next solar maximum—   coming your way soon. At Frontpage Jamie Glazov interviews Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security who advises Congress on the full spectrum of security issues.

These threats are not remote theoretical possibilities, but clear and present dangers.  Iran is on the verge of developing, or may already have nuclear weapons…Even more troubling are the prospects of a great geomagnetic storm.  The Congressional EMP Commission estimated that a Carrington Event class geomagnetic storm, that would effect the entire world, occurs about once a century.  It does not take a genius to do the arithmetic that 1859 was more than a century ago, that we are overdue for another Carrington Event.


2 thoughts on “The EMP Threat Is Real, and Growing

  1. I read this article, and remembered reading something the other day about the same thing. I was considering what a massive power outage would do to the world. Obviously things like defense against foreign threats, air defense systems, travel, etc… would be hugely effected. But my main concern is wondering how I’m going to start my computer to read your blog and comments on FB. What will I do? What will the world do?

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