Making Rich Democrats “Pay Their Fair Share”

At the Washington Examiner Glenn Reynolds exposes the Democrats’ ratty hypocrisy on taxes, with manifold breaks and privileges for entertainment industries, movie stars and studios, and liberal foundations. He supplies corrective Republican strategies that would surely be popular with voters.

It’s no coincidence that much of the Democrats’ base doesn’t have to worry about taxes much, either because they work for nonprofits and public entities that don’t pay taxes, or because they live off government benefits, or because they work in industries — like the motion picture and recording industries — with a long history of shady accounting and favorable tax treatment. Republicans, if they’re smart, can nonetheless teach them that tax increases do, in fact, hurt.


One response to “Making Rich Democrats “Pay Their Fair Share”

  1. First things first – get rid of them thare term limits so special interests cannot rule Washington DC. Getting re-elected seems to be more important to these congressmen and senators than doing their job.

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